REFUSE: A Journal of Iconoclasms embraces the multidimensional and ambiguous meaning of the term “refuse.” To refuse is to be unwilling to do or perform that which one considers unacceptable. Refuse is matter that has been thrown away, deemed worthless. To re(-)fuse is to bond together that which has been broken; to repair. Iconoclasm is the intentional destruction of traditional cultural images, monuments, and doctrines. Places from which the force of authority and discipline emanates are, from the perspective of iconoclasts, the ruins of tradition. In our refusal of the dominant, default and disciplinary, we reclaim and celebrate cultural productions and forms of knowing that have been trashed and neglected, and in doing so repair the severed connections in our collective mycelium, fertilizing possibilities for new life in the ruins.


April 2021


The Refusal Turn by Natalia Smirnov


Refusing The Dig Gig by Kyle Olson

I Want Superheroes to Destroy the World by Fulano de Tal

My Job at the Thingification Factory by Henry Blanke

Space to Freak Out by Mat Keel & Liz Lessner


Kenesaw Mountain by Steven Koteff



Emergency Exit by Dounya Salehi

Spectral Cry by Luke Martin